Retirement?  Insurance?  My financial future?  I am just a student.

What are you talking about? I’m only 19 why should I worry about retirement or insurance?  I’m in school, learning, having fun, getting ready to change the world….

When you graduate from school will you be ready?  Are you really ready to take on the world…to get a job, start a family, pay off that student loan?  Of course not.  Let’s start at the beginning together. 

Before you graduate, while you are still in school, come in and let’s talk, or call and we will come to you.  Why?  Your financial future is just as important as your midterms and finals, even more so.  You need to get started now so that when you graduate you will be ready and able to:

  • start on your retirement fund,
  • put a sizable down payment on a house,
  • have and raise children (and teach them the importance of setting up for the future at the same time…it is never to early).

Don’t wait until you are ready to retire to start. Start now and be ready when the time comes.

Smith Financial Services has been helping students just like you get the ball rolling for their financial future success.

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